Devante parker VS Marshon lattimore

with lattimore being 1.83m and parker at 1.91m there will most likely be a lot of jump balls for vante next game lattimore loves his zone that is what that man does! he brings so much pressure on receivers with his physicality. although that is the truth Devante parker thrives against that kind of defense. tua loves his jump balls for vante as we said the height difference is pretty big. last game parker was doubled when going deep by the saftey and corner elijah riley before getting injured VS miami had a way at reading parker and bryce hall was on coverage with that. with that i will take you to my score predictions and some stats for some players.

17-38 miami. miami is on a roll with there winning streak VS a poor saints offense i think they can keep that up

Tua: 329 passing yards 3 touchdown passes 0 interceptions Vante 11 rec 97 yards waddle 12 rec 145 yards

Hill: 121 passing yards 1 passing touchdown 3 interceptions kamara 29 carries 67 TOTAL yards 1 touchdown

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